You know you need to build an audience of raving fans so you can have a steady stream of clients and revenue - but there's one problem.

The "usual" options suck.

You can either start an advertising campaign and be prepared to drop a LOT of money into the "Ads" monster...

Or you can focus on a strong organic strategy, which let's be NOT easy!


  • ​Organic strategies are tough! You spend hours writing posts, answering questions, going live... but with the ongoing algorithm changes your visibility is down to the ground and you barely get any engagement...
  • ​Plus all the ridiculous number of people trying the exact same "visibility" strategies as you...
  • ​Let's not even mention how extremely time-consuming, frustrating, and unclear it is to know if your "organic" efforts are generating any results...
  • ​And lacking complete control over when (or if!) the next client will come... 
  • ​So you move on to the next level... ADS! Because that is easy, huh? Nope! 

But I'm willing to bet that you don't really have the time for all the extra level of organic work that you need to be doing daily to reach the visibility you need...

And you're likely not willing or ready to drop thousands of dollars on I right?


Fortunately for you... I've found a strategy that does not require organic posting or ads and that works EVEN if you're starting with ZERO audience or social media presence!

A proven, simpler way to increase your impact, influence & income by
being a guest on multiple podcasts - even if you have zero experience or nonexistent audience!

The Podcast Guest Blueprint Program + Master List of Podcasts

  • Step 1: Choose The Right Podcasts
  • Step 2: Pitch The Right Way!
  • Step 3: Create Your Smart Outreach System
  • ONE-TIME Special Bonus: Exclusive List of 200 Podcasts with the Hosts' Contact Info


Here's what's included in the
Podcast Guest Blueprint:

Module 1:
Making your Brand Message Interview-Worthy

All about creating your message, telling your story and connecting with your audience, you’ll end this module completely confident in your brand message and your ability to connect meaningfully with your audience.

Walk away with:

>>> The truth about telling your story that may surprise you.

>>> How to make your story relatable and why everyone has one

>>> How to turn listeners into your loyal audience

>>> The best way to connect your stories to your brand message

Module 2: Strategically Selecting Podcasts

All the strategies that landed me 30 podcast interviews the month my book launched, and the systems that keep me organized.

Walk away with:

>>> My insider approach to picking the perfect podcasts for YOUR business that doubles and triples your exposure

>>> The best way to find podcasts to pitch so that you don’t spend all your time looking for interviews!

>>> How to keep track of your guest podcast pitches and stay organized even while pitching 30 or more podcasts!

Module 3: Crafting the Perfect Email Pitch to Land Guest Spots

How to pitch like a pro so that you’re confident every time you approach a potential podcast host. Plus, a video demonstration of a perfect pitch!

Walk away with:

>>> The winning elements of a perfect email pitch, including an attention-grabbing subject line.

>>> The biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when pitching and how to avoid them.

>>> Sure-fire strategies to get your pitch read

Module 4:
All about the Systems!

In this module, we’ll get you completely ready to be interviewed and to get exposure online. We’ll cover all the basics so that people can find you and ask about your services and products so you start getting exposure AND earning more from your podcast marketing.

Plus...steal all my podcast guest interviewee systems!

Walk away with:

>>> The best way to set up your interview so you can guarantee you get leads and grow your list from your time on the show

>>> My pro-level podcast system spreadsheet so NOTHING falls between the cracks while querying 30+ podcasts

>>> My interview outreach system and checklist

Module 5: Monetizing your Guest Podcast Interviews

I saved the best for last! In module 5 you’ll learn how to monetize and grow your business from time spent on podcasts. Plus, you’ll learn exactly how your podcast interviews can be used as a part of your very own sales funnel!

Walk away with:

>>> Learn my Podcast Guest Money Success Path Formula

>>> The best way to use sales funnel steps so that you can grow your business and make more money from being a guest on podcasts

>>> All about email sequences after podcast audience members sign up for your list


#1 Interview Booking Delegation System

With this system, you'll be able to delegate podcast booking to an assistant so that you just show up for interviews. Yes, that easy!

#2 Podcast Interview Tech Insiders Guide 

Wondering what type of microphone to get or if you even need one? whether you start on a budget or plan a little splurge - the interview tech list has it all - from the best mic to portable lights - all you need to show up and sound like a pro!

#3 Exclusive List of 200 Podcasts with the Hosts' Contact Info

Categorized list of podcasts w/podcast hosts info so that you can start your interview journey right away!

Invest and Start Booking Your Guest Podcast Interviews

  • A PODCAST GUEST BLUEPRINT PROGRAM                  valued at $497
  • ​INTERVIEW BOOKING DELEGATION SYSTEM               valued at $297
  • ​PODCAST INTERVIEW TECH INSIDERS GUIDE              valued at $197
  • ​Worksheets, Checklists, Downloads                                 valued at  $97
  • ​Master List of 200 Podcasts                                                     priceless


only $197!

Imagine... You're on air... the host introduces you to their audience... and you're immediately seen as an expert because the audience knows and trusts their hosts. 

You get to share your journey and your mission. Imagine the impact you're making...You now have an audience of ideal prospects who both connected with you and liked you!

So...the host asks you how listeners can reach out to you... 

If you followed the Podcast Guest Blueprint you nailed an amazing interview on a podcast filled with your ideal clients in need of your solutions to their problems, who are ready to learn more about you!

The best part? Because you followed the Podcast Guest Blueprint you also landed an interview with the right podcast host which means people will continue listening to your interview for months to come - if not years - and generating leads for your business!

And this is only the start! Because with Podcast Guest Blueprint you're booked for the several next months to come and your interviews start creating a media snowball effect. All this abundance comes with so much ease...

How would your ONLINE BUSINESS
be different if you could...

  • SHARE YOUR MESSAGE with an attentive audience of podcast listeners who see you as authority
  • BOOK OUT your coaching or speaker calendar thanks to the podcasting exposure and podcast host referrals
  • EASILY launch a book or another product with success thanks to the platform you've built with guest podcasting
  • ​Start attracting HIGH PAYING CLIENTS who have heard you sharing your expertise at one of the guest podcast interviews
  • ​Build your SPEAKER RESUME and naturally transition from speaking on podcasts to speaking on stages globally
  • ​Stop counting on social media to grow your business but devote your time on the BUSINESS BUILDING STRATEGY that brings results



You've started and stopped.

You picked it up again.

You felt discouraged by no results, but decided to listen to 'all the experts' telling you it is just a matter of being consistent... you started the cycle again...

And still no results.


You've started and stopped.

You picked it up again.

You felt discouraged by no results, but decided to listen to 'all the experts' telling you it is just a matter of being consistent... you started the cycle again...

And still no results.

There's a secret behind all those big name online business insiders and how they reach their goals, keep their calendars all booked up with clients on waiting lists for their new programs:

They all discovered their secret strategy, the way to get visible and started implementing it when few people were.

There's a secret behind all those big name online business insiders and how they reach their goals, keep their calendars all booked up with clients on waiting lists for their new programs:

They all discovered their secret strategy, the way to get visible and started implementing it when few people were.

What if your secret strategy, the little known secret that not many people know of was right here? The undiscovered way to increase your reach and influence online...

Smart, savvy entrepreneurs grow by building the right connections and showing up where their audiences are at!

With Guest Podcasting - the little known secret that brings massive visibility results - you can too!

Become a Known Expert in Your Field
& Step into the Spotlight with

  • A Clear Strategy on how to reach your clients
  • ​List of all your guest podcast interviews that will start a media snowball effect
  • ​Newly reached audience ready to book your sessions, buy your books and programs

But don't just take my word for it, here's what
others had to say

Hey there! I’m Anna Sabino

I’m a coach, speaker, and author who was scheduled on
30 different podcasts the month my book was released.

But...things weren’t always like this.

I was SO excited when I scored my first book deal. But that excitement quickly turned into nervousness as the pressure to sell a lot of books kept growing.

With under 10K followers on social media, I was trying to figure out how to gain more exposure before my book release when...I was invited to be a guest on a podcast!

My upcoming book was featured on a major podcaster’s show with an audience of thousands… 
...which lead to audience members contacting me about my coaching services, my book, and signing up for my email list. 

That one interview had a snowball effect and the month of my book release I was interviewed on 30 different podcasts!

Eventually, I was approached by podcast hosts who heard about my interviews and I didn’t even have to reach out to ask to be on their shows!



  • Module 1: Make your Brand Message Interview-Worthy - get clarity on your message
  • Module 2: Strategically Select Podcasts - know what shows will get you the best exposure
  • Module 3: Craft the Perfect Email Pitch to Land Guest Spots - get a yes with your perfect pitch.
  • Module 4: All about the Systems! - put it all on autopilot
  • Module 5: Monetizing your Guest Podcast Interviews - create your podcast monetization plan

PLUS... Special Bonuses

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

#1 List of 200 podcasts with podcast host names and contact info to start your outreach right away

#2 Interview Booking Delegation System

#3 Podcast Interview Tech Insiders Guide

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For Only $197

  Step 1: Choosing the Right Podcasts

In this training you will learn exactly how to select the right podcasts for you and your business!

Think...finding the right audience, finding the right podcast owners and talking to the right audience... multiple audiences!

Everything you need to know to monetize your on-air appearances and fill out your calendar with client bookings!

  Step 2: Pitching the Right Way

Once you found your ideal podcasts and hosts who have your ideal target audiences, it is time to PITCH!

The value you can bring to the podcast host audiences is more important than your current audience size or list.

This training will teach you exactly what to say to get booked by podcast hosts right away - even if you have a small list or non-existent audience

  Step 3: Creating Your Smart Outreach System

Showing up on a handful of podcasts is not the answer to your client issues.

If you want your calendar booked out, you need to be making multiple podcast appearances per month.

With the Smart Outreach System you will be able to create an easy, simple, and streamlined process for reaching out and getting booked on more podcast interviews! 


What's standing in the way of you getting new clients with guest podcasting and reaching the influencer status you need to work towards having a booked out calendar with sessions, getting a book deal and speaking on stages?


This is a special offer at $197 and price may be going up soon. You don't want to miss this opportunity.
Find out how to Choose the Podcasts & Start
Booking Your Interviews Right Away...
I understand that purchasing the Podcast Guest Blueprint is an investment and you're taking a risk of spending your hard earned money on it. While I can't guarantee you the exact results, I do stand by my products and want to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

If you're not happy with the Podcast Guest Blueprint I created, I will refund you the money within 7 days of purchase.


 When do I get access to the video training + bonuses?

You will receive an email after your purchase with the links to the program. You'll get updates with unannounced bonus tips.

I don't have a website. Should I wait with booking guest podcast interviews until I have one?

Websites are getting more and more rare nowadays. It's really not necessary to have a website right away. You can start and run a successful business with just a social media account and an email list. So no, you do not need a site right away and yes, take advantage of this incredible guest podcasting opportunity right away. It's no risk, free and fun.

 I'm writing a book. Should I wait with getting into guest podcasting until the book is finished?

I wouldn't wait. From the time a podcast interview is booked, scheduled and aired, it may take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. It's best to book your podcast guest tour early to have audience ready to buy the book.

All this sounds amazing but a bit intimidating but I'm intimidated by being interviewed. Are people going to be interested in what I have to say?

I hear you. These voices are trying to get in the way of our progress and growth. Module 1 will get you ready to show up at your podcast interviews with confidence: you'll know how to sound like a pro and how to make your stories interview worthy.

 How do you monetize guest podcasting?

We don't monetize guest podcasting directly. Guest podcast monetization happens when during a podcast interview we share a freebie with the listeners who then become our subscribers. By staying in touch and sharing value with our audience, we build authority, develop like and trust getting them ready to invest in our offers. I cover these steps in details in the Podcast Guest Blueprint.

 Do you pay to be a guest on podcasts?

Being a guest on podcasts is free. I'm not sure if this changes in the future. I'd strongly suggest advantage of this opportunity now.
"With the experience that I've gained as a podcast guest, and with Anna's encouragement, I am launching my own podcast (the Write Kind Podcast)! My journey as an author and guest on podcasts is combined with support and kindness."
Franklin, TN
Copyright 2022 Anna Sabino
All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2022 Anna Sabino
All Rights Reserved